Designing for Partimi with some inspiration from Brancusi… whoever that is.

So this week we’ve been cracking on with the second part of one of our units. This involves designing for a different customer. The brand they have chosen for us is Partimi, a brand that focuses on stylish comfort and prints that are not only personal to Partimi as a designer but also are interesting for a consumer to wear.

So the first part of the unit was to collate research on the brand and to follow our brief given to us by Partimi. ‘Simplicity, personal, nature and Brancusi’. When we received our brief we were all rather confused. Nature alone is a broad and complicated brief. Nobody wanted to get too personal, if the tutors didn’t like your ideas and it was too personal it was a bee-line for tears. Brancusi is an interesting person, he mainly had sculptures that didn’t relate to the brand at all. However we found that his quotes were particularly inspirational.

For our second part we have to take parts of our previous submission to develop prints that not only capture the interest of Partimi and her customers but also to bring something new and different as there are 30 of us all designing for the same brand.

What do you think of my prints? Hopefully I’ll be able to take a few of these forward and pass the unit which is what it’s really all about with the hopeful prospect of being picked to collaborate with Partimi.












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