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What have I been working on…

First year has come and gone and I am well into my second year at University studying fashion and textiles. Second year is proving to be the most stressful year of my life! I have been having a great time.

First year was all about gaining the skills and now Second year is about using those skills to create and sell.

Since specialising in Textiles this year I have made 28 fabric samples!
We’ve also had the opportunity to create a trend forecasting book which has given me a greater understanding of what designers look for to create the styles of new trends. We have also created a business plan for our enterprise unit and are currently in the process of manufacturing the products for our target market.

It’s been so crazily busy! We’ve had the opportunity to work with Partimi and design for her customers which means setting aside the thought process of ‘what I like’ and changing it to ‘what you like’. It’s been an interesting couple of months and to top it off I am also looking into doing work placements for the next academic year which is going to be amazing! I can’t wait!

I am really enjoying this year it’s been stressful and at times I wanted to give up but nothing really worth doing is ever easy!

Here is a little snippet of the work I have been doing for my enterprise unit…

Japanese Crosses

Hong Kong


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