Catching up…

So the last time I posted was in July! I’m really bad at journal keeping and this seems to be just another journal! 

Anyway I shall get you up to speed. So August. I got my A Level results and I had a C in textiles and two D in history and english lit. Though I did get into my university of choice Portsmouth! 🙂 I started on the 16th September and so far it has been a lot of work, but rather enjoyable. 

Our first week we were given a group project which you can see here:


Scroll bottom to top.

And so far we’ve done quite a few thing. Drawing being one of them! We have done a lot of drawing though I only have one page in my sketchbook currently. :S Woops! We’ve been doing seam samples and hem samples. Currently they are waiting to be organised and go into my folder.

We went to the V&A yesterday (Victoria and Albert Museum) in London. It was a long but enjoyable day and we saw the exhibit which was on 80’s fashion. It was really interesting. I would love to show pictures but they wouldn’t let us take any. 😦 We also went and did research in the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum to help with our project on industrial evolution. You can see my Pinterest research here:


Other than that I think i’ve got you up to date with what’s happening here in Portsmouth! 

I’ll keep you all up to date with the work I do! 


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