So my 2nd AS Textiles retake is tomorrow and although i’ve been doing practice essay planning i need some general glossary revision! So here goes!

  • Quality Control: Is checks that happen during manufacture at different stages to assure standards are high for the consumer
  • Quality Assurance: A promise made to customers about the products quality, that must be fulfilled.
  • patent: is to protect someone’s invention or idea so that others can’t copy it.
  • design right: gives the right to protect a two dimensional design for up to 25 years. Stops other people copying or stealing the idea.
  • Stages of Market research
  1. Research objectives (what is the consumer need)
  2. study design
  3. data collection
  4. data analysis
  5. reporting and conclusion
  • anthropometrics: human measurements. 
  • ergonomics: how humans work with the environment. chairs

And that’s me for tonight! i’m tired! Wish me luck with my exam tomorrow!  


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