Mulberry Factory

So last Friday my textiles group took a trip to mulberry factory. It was pretty awesome as we got to see the leather bags being made and also see some of the different leathers they use. I know there’s all the animal rights and stuff however we learnt that they only take materials from ethical sources and always from animals used in the food industry which I think is fair. So there was Cow, Alligator, Snake, Ostrich and Bunny furs which were ridiculously soft! We also got to touch a bag that was being sold for £18,000 which I think was pretty awesome! We weren’t allowed to take pictures because of the brand new product idea and such like. You’ll have to take my word for it that it was cool! Sorry if you’re vegan or something personally I don’t have a problem but please don’t hate me if your views are different. We also went to McDonald’s on the way back which made it the best cake friday we’ve ever had!


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