My Textiles Coursework Designs



So these are my designs for my coursework this year. I’ve done a few comments for you as my handwriting is awful and the pictures aren’t brilliant. Going with the theme of upcycling you’ll see a lot of ‘modify’ and ‘reused’, ‘scraps’ all that jazz. Have a look the descriptions are underneath the pictures it may be confusing as there’s a gap between the picture above and the description rather than the picture below.Image




This is supposed to be a knitted cardigan with a Letterman jacket style with a weaved back. At the moment it’s a jumper and I have to say it’s not looking good! Hopefully it will work!Image



This is a top with a Log Cabin Patchwork thing going on in the front. I got a bit creative while colouring in.Image


This is a dress that was designed to be made of sewn together scraps. Now it’s kind of combined with design 5.Image


Who like leather? It seems to be my muse this year. So this is a skirt that i wanted to dye and alter, not that I’ve found one i liked but it was a cool idea.Image



I’m obsessed with the 50’s So the female designs kind of echo that love and believe me there’s a lot of love. But this was designed to be made from a waistcoat and a skirt.Image


The male designs have the theme of leather or denim. This waistcoat started with the idea to modify a suit jacket. To dye and then alter with leather on the lapels.Image



This jacket I have to say is my favourite design with added denim patches, I planned to also change the lining and add pockets.Image


Another suit jacket this time dyed with added leather patches and lapel. I quite like this though it reminds me of horse riding.Image


A denim shirt or a coloured cotton shirt with added leather cuffs and collar. I quite like this it reminds me of the male patterned shirts that guys were wearing a few months ago with the contrasting collars. Very Hipster.ImageYeah this one was following the previous theme though there is some distressed denim to give it a grungy look in this design.

How do you like my designs? Tell me what you think I’d love to get some feedback for my coursework.




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