Happy Valentine’s Day!

So for those of you who aren’t spending Valentines eating ice cream and watching the notebook alone, Happy Valentine’s day. For those of you who are or are doing something similar have fun, I’ll be there right alongside you in spirit. 🙂 So to kick things off, I had to organise a V-Day Dance or disco whatever you call it, for my youth group. So the first place i looked at decorations for was ‘Pinterest’. I know I go on and on about it but I’m favouritist. I even made a board!

So after the decorations were planned in my head. I had to buy materials for my decorations, sort out food, and the layout. Luckily being only 17 I didn’t have to find and organise the DJ.

We managed to get all the decorations up while people were arriving and finished just before it started. I managed to get some pics.


V-Dec 2

These decorations were made using felt. I found it on Pinterest so go check it out.

V-Dec 3

Pretty cool eh?

Tell me what you think and have a great Valentines day! ❤


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