Exam tomorrow….

Oh dear! Better go over the main things! Thought i’d include it in a blog post for you guys… yay…. 😉 

  • Quick Glossary check:
  1. Anthopometrics: Standard measurements of the human body which are then collaborated to create and average to which the measurements can be used to create suitable products that are functional and comfortable to a range of users
  2. Ergonomics: How the product is designed relating to the shape of the body and the environment.
  • Risk Assessment (It was in a past paper and aked me to identify 5 key point to which I had not idea!):  
  1. Identify threats/risks/hazards also known as hazard perception.
  2. Assess who is at risk.
  3. Determine risk. Likelihood and consequences (could be loss of workers, legal fees, moral obligation) 
  4. identify ways to reduce risk
  5. Prioritise risk reduction measures
  • Primary and Secondary research: Primary doesn’t exist already and is research you’ve collected yourself. Secondary research already exists and is collected in. Example collecting questionnaire results from a survey you made (PRIMARY) and then relating to a questionnaire from a shop about popular garments (SECONDARY)
  • Above the line and below the line

Above the line 😉 – Everything that you can see or the aesthetics including style, fabric choice and surface detailing.


Below the line 😉 – Manufacturing methods. Stiching, characteristics of the fabric and cut of pattern pieces

  • How to answer the WJEC questions

4 mark questions you want to be giving points and explanations. Not so much about detail but they want you to know what’s what.

30 mark questions you want it to be formed like an essay with an introduction, argument DISCUSSING for and against and a conclusion to round it off nicely.

Wish me luck for the exam! I’m going to need it! And surprisingly this blog actually helped me revise!

Sorry there aren’t any pictures and fun stuff. I’ll make it up to you guys and post lots of pictures after the exam.


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