Ok so in case you didn’t know which you probably didn’t, i’m applying to university to do textiles. I had my first interview today at Portsmouth! Very exciting, i was so nervous! Anyway, i think it went really well. i didn’t have a melt down in the middle of the interview in any case which i think is the main thing! 🙂 

So any of you going to uni interview i have 3 things i would say:

1. make sure you are happy with everything – I had a little bit of doubt that my portfolio was looking good, however after doing to tweaking and adding things here and there i was finally happy with it.

2. Check, double and triple check, and then check again just to make sure! – I think i turned a little paranoid by the time i got to the interview and checked about 9 times to make sure i had everything. It made me a little less nervous

3. Bring support and be yourself! – a support team is always good. mum’s make excellent supporters and so do friends on the end of the phone. being yourself is key. You made the choice to go there, you walk in and own that joint! 😉

Anyways I am super tired so i shall be bidding adieu! Image 

Hereford college and Cardiff Met here i come! 


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