New Romantics

Born out of London in the early 80s as a backlash to punk austerity. the new romantics celebrated glamour; ostentatious clothes and hedonism.

Really the easiest way this can be described is that lots of vintage, frills, different eras made modern. I think that this is very bold for the 80’s we have more freedom with dress in our times and i don’t think anyone would go out dressed like this. I think the main idea was going back to feminism and paying attention to details even small ones like having vintage shirts and hats… crazy stuff.

Vivienne  Westwood was a main designer for the New Romantic movement. Westwood began her romantic ideas with adaptations of dandified Regency designs which later she developed into a Pirate look. She designed especially for Adam and The Ants.


here’s some more modern takes on the new romantic style


Not my favourite but it’s delicate and sweet in places 🙂


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