The 50’s… The continuance of glamour, the era of rock and roll and the birth of teenagers.

So in the 50’s we see Hollywood Glamour and the introduction of the teenager and rock and roll.

Hollywood Glamour is a style associated with about 30 years of film from the early 1930s to the late 1950s when the great female stars and studio starlets set the trend in hair, make up and clothes in the thirties and 1940s.  The stars lived and breathed glamour on and off set.  After World War II , Hollywood glamour helped define the groomed consistently glamorous look of the 1950s.  It is a look that few film stars still manage to pull off continuously. With the introduction of colour films this increased their popularity.


The rock and roll theme was most popular around the recently established ‘teenagers’.

For the first time ever during the 1950s, fashion was specifically designed for young women and men. The separate clothing that were popular were inspired by American university campus fashions young people wore when jiving and rock and roll dancing.  Elvis Presley and James Dean typified the angry young man in the teen uniform of jeans.

Jaques Fath
Fath had a less severe take on the “new look”, with softer hourglass curves and plunging necklines. His designs showed more skin than his contemporaries making him a favorite of the younger and more daring.

That’s all from the 50’s onto the 60’s 🙂


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