Utility clothing and World War 2…


We are making progress, we’ve come all the way from 1890-1945. So on with the blog…

During the War clothing was rationed as it was needed for more important things like uniforms for soldier’s, parachutes, bedding in hospitals, and anything that was really going to help the war effort.

http://www.hullcc.gov.uk/museumcollections/collections/storydetail.php?irn=233&master=455 This is really good at explaining the severity of the rationing.

The ‘make-do and mend’ slogan for the 1940’s meant that women needed to have initiative to make whatever they had into something new and fashionable.

personally I love the 40’s hair and makeup styles. I think that the clothing is very fashionable even though they didn’t have much to work with.

A main designer in the !940’s is Claire McCardell.  In the 1940s, she was known for designing stylish, functional, and easily affordable mass-produced sportswear.

Claire McCardell 

That’s all from the 40’s 🙂 On to Post-war fashion!


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