World War 1…

During WW1, styles changed dramatically for women as they adopted knee length skirts and showed off calves for a more practical look. It went from the oriental look by Paul Poiret to something near the 20’s fashion movement.

1914, Still looking like the edwardian, oriental movement, but the hem line has started to shorten. Hobble skirts and tunic effects were still popular however the shoulder line has dropped the large sleeves.

1915, an introduction of ‘war crinoline’. Hemlines crept up and now skirts became full and bell-shaped with wide colars and sloping shoulders. It was an exaggerated femenine look.

By 1918, skirts had narrowed again, hemlines began to
fall, and by 1919 the precursors of the very simple, clean, long lines of the
1920s could be seen, although waistlines were still not going to drop towards
the hips for another two years.


So that’s the transition between Edwardian and Oriental to the the 1920’s!


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