OK moving on to the regenerated fibres. I’ve chosen Viscose which is in pretty much all clothing.

This guy. Hilaire de Chardonnet -1839-1924. Was the inventor of ‘artificial silk’.  First person to think of such a thing! So the artificial silk then became known as Rayon because of a man named Georges Audemars who made a variety and called it that (Rayon) but really it was the same thing. And then it was called Viscose.

OK Viscose is known as artificial silk because of it’s regenerated status and the fact that it behaves similarly to silk. Viscose is ‘silky’ in appearance and the way it feels. It’s breathable like cotton and has good ‘drape’ which means it’s good for dresses and skirts and nice formal wear.

Viscose has a silky appearance and feel, it breathes like cotton and has a good ‘drape.’ It’s relatively light, resulting in lightweight clothing. However Viscose wrinkles easily like Linen and because it’s a regenerated fabric can’t stand high temperatures. It’s also really delicate when wet which means it can rip easily if you handle it the wrong way!

My Prom Dress was made from Viscose. My Mummy made it for me! She’s very clever like that.

See look! This picture was taken at the start of the evening and it’s already creased!


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