So we got told to blog about different kinds of materials for revision purposes… So for the natural fabric selection I looked at Linen…
Ok so Linen comes from the flax plant.
The fibres from the plant are woven together to make the material Linen. Some of it’s best know qualities are that it is very breatheable and keeps the wearer cool *(Anybody seen those jungle explorers from the 1800’s?)Image
Other qualities include durability and increased softening of the fabric after washing. 🙂 Now the downsides. Linen is not stetchy and being a woven fabric can be damaged if threads are caught. Another disadvantage of Linen is that it creases really easily. (Not brilliant for formal or office shirts, suits, skirts and dresses.) 
Despitre these flaws Linen is used to make all sorts of things like clothing, table cloths, bed clothes, napkins, curtains… the list goes on.

Anyway that’s Linen in a nutshell!


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